Gomorrah: Why did Ciro come back?

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Gomorrah: Why did Ciro come back?

BY Ivan Marra 7 Settembre 2020, Ore 15:02 translation of Gomorra WEB

Immortal seemed not to be so much anymore, Ciro: the finale of the third season of Gomorra seemed to have to decree the end of one of the most successful characters of the show inspired by the book by Roberto Saviano, only to bring him back to life in the cinematic spin-off entirely focused on the character of Marco D’Amore.

Yes, because since the trailer of The Immortal it was clear that Ciro would survive the bullet fired by Genny and that, therefore, the film would not have been a simple study on the past of the Savastano man, but a real assist for the his return in the upcoming fifth season of Gomorrah.

An unusual choice, given and considered how merciless the show has generally been with its characters; Marco D’Amore himself spoke about it during an interview given to Mattino: “Yes, that ending is a bridge with the new season. We have betrayed, in a certain sense, the grammar of Gomorrah by deciding to bring back to life Ciro. Nobody is saved from evil, this is the logic of the narration. But Ciro, and only Ciro, was allowed to return: because he has to atone by living, because he is dead inside. And this is what people have understood. ” explained the actor.

Marco D’Amore also recently declared that he felt a little fear for the fifth season of Gomorrah; meanwhile, let’s see where the shooting of Gomorrah started last August.



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